The Wizards of the Coast web site hosts several good files under the "Greyhawk" directory (that is, in the "folder"), including Ivid the Undying, whole portions of Greyhawk Adventures and From the Ashes, and some invaluable articles by Roger Moore. As I write this (5/12/03), the files still exist; however it seems that with a few exceptions there are no links on the Wizards site to any of these files.

With a little research, I catalogued all the known contents of that directory. Here I have listed the files with their descriptions.

Other Greyhawk materials are still available on the Wizards site at and

Title: Ivid the Undying
Map #1 for Ivid the Undying [originally published in Dragon Magazine #204] (219K JPG)
Map #2 for Ivid the Undying [originally published in Dragon Magazine #206] (139K JPG)
Map #3 for Ivid the Undying [originally published in Dragon Magazine #208] (290K JPG)
Composite Map for Ivid the Undying [created by a dedicated fan] (196K GIF) Description: Ivid the Undying Maps
Description: Unpublished WOG accessory
File Format: (332K ZIP of RTF)

Title: Rary the Traitor
Description: Missing Maps from WGR3:
File Format: (70k ZIP of GIF)

Title: Border Watch
Description: Missing text from WGM1: Border Watch; Insert the following chapter following page 25 of the adventure:
File Format: (8k TXT)

Title: Gates in the World of Greyhawk
Description: Here are some notes on gates, demi-planes, spelljammers, and Oerth.
File Format: (25k RTF)

Title: Revised GREYHAWK Campaign Index
Description: This is the first part of the revised GREYHAWK(R) campaign index. It includes all AD&D(R) game materials, other than those for the WORLD OF GREYHAWK(R) setting, which contain GREYHAWK campaign references (i.e., generic, AL_QADIM(R), FORGOTTEN REALMS(R), RAVENLOFT(R), and SPELLJAMMER(R) campaigns). Also included are references from the D&D(R) game; the periodicals DUNGEON(R) Adventures, POLYHEDRON(R) Newszine, and The Strategic Review; references from miscellaneous, unpublished, or lost TSR materials; and references in files found on the America Online information service.
File Format: (148k RTF)

Title: GREYHAWK Campaign Seminar Handouts Gen Con 1996
Description: The following are the two handouts passed around at the "GREYHAWK Adventuring Lives!" seminar (TSR Seminar 700023) at the 1996 GEN CON(R) Game Fair.
File Format: (19k RTF)

Title: The Official History of the Greyhawk Wars
Description: The defining event in the recent history of the continent of Oerik was the series of conflicts known collectively as the Greyhawk Wars. This file presents, in its entirety, the actual campaign history of the fighting, taken from the Adventurer's Book in the Greyhawk ADVENTURES WARS boxed board game (1991).
File Format: WebPage

Title: Greyhawk Mysterious Places
Description: This file contains information on mysterious places in the Flanaess of eastern Oerik, but it may be adapted into other AD&D campaigns with minor changes, serving as legends and rumors to get player characters into major adventures.
File Format: WebPage

Title: The Scarlet Brotherhood FAQ
Description: Lots of Questions and Answers by Sean Reynolds
File Format: WebPage

Title: Holy Symbols of the Suel pantheon
Description: 18 B/W Symbols
File Format: (117k JPG)

Title: Syrul
Description: (goddess of Lies, deceit, treachery, false promises) in Faiths & Avatars format
File Format: (10k RTF)

Title: Scarlet Brotherhood Seminar
Description: Transcript of online seminar given by Sean Reynolds
File Format: (22k TXT)

Title: Sample Priesthoods for Greyhawk Deities
Description: From the From The Ashes box set. The people of Oerth worship many gods, but after a major war, patterns of allegiance change. The focus in this section is on the gods of the central Flanaess; those that are exclusively Baklunish, for example, are too distant from the lives of most Flanaess folk to be considered here.
File Format: (89K RTF)

Title: GREYHAWK(R) Magical Items
Description: All of these magical items are from the Flanaess of the GREYHAWK campaign and were first published in ((GREYHAWK Adventures)) in 1988.
File Format: (85K TXT)

Title: The Suel Lich
Description: A Solitary Rare Suel Lich
File Format: (5K TXT)

Title: Animus
Description: Description of the Animus from the From the Ashes box set. The Animus is a unique undead creature created by priests of the evil Power Hextor with the help of infernal, fiendish aid.
File Format: (11K RTF)

Title: The Dragonchess(TM) Game
Description: This article on the Dragonchess(TM) game is reproduced from the article "Dragonchess," from Dragon(R) issue #100, August 1985
File Format: (57K TXT)

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